Finishing the Basement

So we are FINALLY done with the basement!!!  When we first moved in only the stair well in the center of the basement existed.  We finished Sam's room (minus carpet) 3 or 4 years ago, and Kaeli and Rylie's room (minus carpet) 2.5 years ago.  The rest we have been working on slowly but surely.  We finally decided to bite the bullet and just get it DONE (you know, since we've been living here for 5.5 years...it was about time)!  We hired out some and we did some.  We know we could've done it all on our own, but that would have taken us another 5 years at the rate we were going :)  So the "before" pictures are not really from the very beginning, but from the beginning of the final stretch.
I got to design it all...and I LOVED it!  I had it all on paper, but wasn't satisfied until I literally drew the plans on the concrete :)
The french doors lead into my art studio...they were a PAIN to hang, but I love them.
When I was little I loved drawing house plans.  And just about every house plan had an art studio.  Never did I think I would actually get one!
Aaron did all the electrical so I was spoiled with lighting and he put them wherever I wanted :)
We took out the wall (still exists in these "before" pix) under the stairs to create a computer nook for the kids.
This is a "during" picture.  Now it's almost done, but needs some final touches...so the bathroom reveal will come later.
We are just about burnt out!  So glad we're close to the end.  We've moved some furniture to the basement and already enjoying the extra living space.  And the kids are thrilled to finally have carpet in their rooms!!! 


First day of school 2012

Rylie started third grade this year!  CURSIVE and MULTIPLICATION here she comes!!!
Kaeli started 6th grade...which apparently comes with some AT-TI-TUDE!  This is her last year of elementary!  Say whaaaat???
.......drum roll please......
Sam da man started MIDDLE SCHOOL!  Holy freakin' COW!  Not sure when THAT happened!
  What a good lookin' bunch :)

The following week Sara started KINDERGARTEN!  She was soooo ready and soooo excited!  No nerves at all...she just couldn't WAIT!
 Unfortunately, Violet thought she was going too.
 BIG GIRL SARA walking into her classroom!
I really wanted to cry when I saw her go in, but it wasn't me who broke down.  Violet cried and cried, and as we walked down the hall out of the school she was screaming, "NO!  Sara?  Sara?  I want Sara!"  It was an impressive tantrum.  All day she asked me where Sara was and if we could go get her.  I'm glad she loves her sister so much. 



Ridge and Violet (only 3 weeks apart) are showing each other their owies:
 My nephew Porter can ride the unicycle!!!  That's pretty cool.
Our kids are close to the same ages so it makes it really fun when they come.  Here's the rowdy bunch...kinda a lot of kids from just two families :)
Just in case you were curious (L to R): Porter, Ridge, Rylie, Spencer, Kaeli, Lindsey, Kami, Sara, Dallin, Violet & Sam
Just as my brother left, my sister was rolling into town...their timing was a little off.  There's cousin Hannah in the middle (love her new glasses!)
 Will and Ollie
 Baby Clara wasn't feeling well at all :(
 dem cousins :)
Come again soon!

I spy a leaf bug!

We don't ever see these!  It's camouflage doesn't work so well on a trike :)


After our Oregon trip we went to Washington to stay with Aaron's parents.  They have a pool so needless to say that's where we spent most of our time.  A very important thing happened while we were there...Sara and Violet overcame their fear of dogs!!!  I don't think Keagan minded the attention :)
Lots of swimmin'!

We spent an afternoon out at Grandpa Dave's.  His place is picture perfect country living!  We love it out there!
He always gets out the horses, 4-wheelers, and ice cream when we come!
Sam and Kaeli were thrilled to go solo on the 4-wheelers!

Ha ha ha, Sara's face tells it all!  Daddy's a wild man!
 Of course cousins showed up!  (Natalie and Violet :)
 Lots of rides!
 Rylie even got to drive Grandpa Dave around!
 These boys were up to NO GOOD...as usual!
 We loved our visit and wish everyone lived closer!!!
Grandma Davis and the kiddos!


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