Framed Star

I needed something for my door for the 4th of July.  So I made this framed star.  It was pretty easy!

First, I bought some 2.5" wide mdf and cut it into equal lengths with 45 degree angles.  The star used to be a dark red, but I spray painted it silver.

Then, I glued and nailed the corners of the frame.  I was trying to get around having to use the nail gun so I stapled the back side of the joints and used wood glue, but in the end had to use the nail gun to keep the joints together.

After nailing it together, I puttied the joints and sanded them once it was dry.

 I primed it with KILZ and used this to spray paint it:

I threaded the ribbon through a loop on the back of the star and stapled it to the back of the frame.  I normally don't think to use ivory & silver & gold together, but they all seemed to go well. 

I hung it on my door and at first thought it was way too big for the space.  BUT then it grew on me and I really love it there now!


Aren't we patriotic!


Future Hutch Project

Look what I found!!!

I am so excited to re-do this hutch!

It needs some work!  It's an odd shade of green, not at all symmetrical, needs some TLC, and a few creative touches!

Stay tuned...


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