The boys went on a camp out so the girls and I had a little girl's night out, and then came home to watch a movie.  Since our basement is being finished the family TV ended up in mine and Aaron's room...which Oprah said was very unromantic.  But any way, I loved how the girls were lined up on our bed all zoned out into the movie, so I snapped some profile pics:

Big Brothers ROCK!

my oldest and youngest...just under ten years apart, but still great friends :)

Sam rigged this up so he could pull the train of sisters...kinda looks like a lot of work...

The Day and the Life of a Toddler

CLIMBING!  It makes me nervous when she climbs up on the bar stools.

MAKING MESSES (and constantly taking her pants off):

This is her little jig she always does when we ask her to dance :)
BEING CUTE!  She just can't help it :)
It looks like I never do her hair, but that's another thing she likes to undo :)

Faux Roman Shades

I am finally getting around to blogging about my roman shades.  I couldn't find a pattern that I liked anywhere, so I just did it my own way.  I also wasn't sure if it was OK to layer blinds with shades, since they usually do the same job.  But they're faux shades, so I'm pretending they're more like curtains than shades :)  Here they are!

At first I wasn't sure if I liked the different amount of light that came through the shades...some of it is bright and some of it is dark.  After a few days I decided it was alright.  They are lined so I thought the light would shine through consistently...oh well. 

I think they add a lot of warmth and color to the living room.  Here is a BEFORE picture:

I also made a pillow :)
Love that bird!


One of my future projects is to case the windows in trim.  It'll look sooo much better when I do!


We dipped peeps in chocolate and sprinkles and gave them to our friends.  We attached little cards that said, 
Happy Easter!
Love your PEEPS,
The Davis Family
For Easter dinner we had our usual ham and sour cream potatoes, but for dinner I made creme brulee!  Creme Brulee is one of my favorite dishes...I could eat it for very meal despite the calories :)


Can I brag a little bit?  My Hubbs is down right AMAZING!  Right now we're in the middle of finishing our basement and he can do whatever needs to be done...framing, plumbing, wiring, finish work...everything!  
He's my mechanic, landscaper, builder, electrician, handyman...he's whatever I need him to be!  
Here he is changing the van's struts (he just loves to have his picture taken :)
In case you didn't know:
Struts = springs + shocks
I told him it was a nice "springy" day, and it would be "shocking" to see him "struttin'" around the garage!

...so clever, aren't I?
P.S. He doesn't like "public mushiness", which makes posts like this all the more fun to write, hee hee :)

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny hid the kids' Easter baskets, treats, and candy-filled eggs in the backyard.   The hunt was on!

I love the ensemble of shorts with winter coats...this is what spring in Utah looks like :)


For Spring Break this year we decided to stay home and play, instead of going somewhere else.  We are saving money to finish our basement (YAY!) and gas prices are crazy high, so staying home was the best choice this year.  We told the kids that we would do something FUN each day.  Aaron's brother and his family came the weekend before, so we went on a little hike up Yellow Fork.  
Along with swimming at the rec center, playing at the park, and going to the trampoline arena, we also visited This Is The Place Heritage Park.  I can't believe it took us five years of living in Utah to go!  It was a lot of fun despite the fact that it was "preseason" so a lot of the usual activities and tours were closed.

Aaron set up the tent in the backyard and the kids slept outside every night!  Even after waking up to snow one morning, they still chose to go back the following night.  What CRAZY kiddos I have!

It was actually nice to have a Spring Break at home, and rest from the busy schedule we usually keep.  

Wiggle cars!


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