Big Girl Choices

Rylie has been wanting to cut her hair for the longest time.  We finally got around to doing it!  I almost cried when I saw the hair stylist cutting it MUCH shorter than what I told her!!!  Although it wasn't "chin-length", Ry was able to donate 11" to locks of love!



We also have a tradition for the girls...once they turn 8, they get to decide for themselves whether or not to get their ears pierced.  Rylie surprised me by her sudden bravery and asked me if she could get her ears pierced just minutes after her hair was chopped.  We went right away knowing that she just might change her mind if we waited too long.  She did great!


Every year the end-of-school craziness only gets crazier!  This year we had dance recitals, a preschool graduation, a tumbling performance, a talent show, and a piano recital.  And in case you were wondering...this is AFTER we decided to "simplify" :)


Recently, I've been asked how we do birthday parties for FIVE kids every year.  That's an easy one...we don't!  When our kids were little, waaay before they were old enough to have parties with friends, I came up with a birthday party rotation so I wouldn't be stuck planning several parties each year.  They're a lot of work and can be stressful.  So here's our tradition:

EVERY YEAR the birthday child gets a "family party".  Just us, banner, balloons, cake, presents, etc.  Nothing elaborate, but we do make it a point to make that child feel extra special and loved by his/her family.

EVERY FOUR YEARS the kids get to have a "party with friends".  That means at age 4, 8, 12 & 16 we plan a party with games, crafts,...the whole shebang!  This way, everything is fair, and the kids know exactly when they get their party with friends.  I have been really happy with it, and it's worked out really well.  except for when they turn eight...,because I'm usually planning a baptism too :) 

ALSO, every year on their birthday (or close to it) my children endure a little photo shoot with me.  I love taking their pictures and they're kind enough to oblige...after all, I did give birth to them :)

Rylie's Big Day

We are so proud of our jellybean!  Rylie was baptized on May 19th by her daddy.  No one lives close, so we were so lucky to have all her grandparents there!

Polka-dot Invitation


PoLkA-dOt PaRtY

Rylie had a "Polka-dot" themed birthday party this year.  Everything was polka-dots!  It was so much fun to plan!  This party happened a month ago, so I am a little behind on blogging, but here goes any way...
This banner is just made from scrapbook paper and threaded together with colorful twine...super easy to do!  I made three banners, all different sizes.

I love the idea of having a birthday chair where the birthday child has a special place to sit :)
I bought a big circular paper-hole punch and cut out circles from scrapbook paper and then simply sewed them together with the sewing machine.  Also, super easy to do.  I hung them from the chandelier and on the walls:

 paper lanterns:
For our Polka-dot craft the kids decorated little bags with stamps and puffy paint.  Not at all fancy...simple is best :)
 Polka-dot games included TWISTER...duh,
BOWLING (food coloring added to regular ole water bottles + polka-dot ball),
 Have you ever seen a bigger bag of balloons before? 
And of course the party was topped off with a polka-dot cupcake :)


The Natural Look

My girls love getting glammed up for dance performances.  That and Halloween are about the only time they get to wear make-up.  

Like my my mom taught me, I tell my girls (when they're old enough to wear make-up...so like 18 maybe?) how important it'll be to put make-up on so that it looks natural, and not caked on.

Here you can see Violet's stunning application of mascara (Maybelline's Define-A-Lash, black/brown).  She totally nailed it!

I'm so glad my pretty raccoon didn't lose an eye!!!


Rylie's Temple Photo Shoot

A week before Rylie's birthday, we dolled her up and headed to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for pictures.  She looked so pretty in her baptism dress.  It was a little more cold than we would have liked, but Rylie was a trooper and we had a lot of fun.

I love the reflection of the Wasatch Mountains in this one :)

and a few more in the backyard...


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