Christmas Break 2012

Yes, I am blogging about Christmas in March!  That should tell you how CRAZY life has been for us since we moved here.  We moved in a week before Christmas...after two long weeks of living in a hotel!  We were so happy to have a home again!  

Here are the kids in front of our new (super old) house...and our goose!  He came with the house and he's growing on me :)
One thing we like here in Ohio is our YARD!  After an impressive blizzard, we had an abundance of fluffy stuff to play in!

And here is our snow-covered house!
This is our garage...we use the term "garage" very loosely here :)  When you're inside you can see daylight coming in between the boards.  The back side of it was used as a chicken pen (we think) so there are boards slid over to close the openings.  A bird lives in there.  How he gets in or out, we're not sure.  But sometimes he's there and sometimes he's not.  It's quite startling when he is, and you've forgotten about him.  We were told that when our property was the pony express stop, that horses were stalled in there.  I can't imagine it being THAT old, though. 
Here are some pictures of the yard.  We have some amazing, HUGE trees.  I see a TIRE SWING in our future!  This tree is one of my favorites, but it's hollow, so I'm worried about it.  It's home to a few squirrels :)
Our back yard borders a forested area (swamp for part of the time) of several acres.  It's pretty dense, but I'm sure that won't stop the kids from playing in there (on non-swampy days).  There is also a creek that runs back there called Koop Creek.  It feeds the Saint Marys River.
We're on two acres.  We can't wait until the weather warms up and we can spend even more time out there!
We love our quirky old house, but we're still trying to get used to some surprises that have come with it.  I'm sure each season we'll discover more issues.  But I guess that just comes with the territory.


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