sniff, sniff

The hardest part of moving is leaving behind good friends.  Those old friends are never replaced.  They are really really missed!!!
Sam and Parker
Sara made a new friend when she started kindergarten.  We carpooled with Rylan and those two just really hit it off.  They were BFFs from the start!
Rylan and Sara
Rylie and Kaeli had a great group of friends from church.  The "activity day girls" had a going away party for them.
Activity Day Girls
These two have been together since preschool!
Claire and Rylie
Lilly, Lauren, Kaeli, and Rylie
Rylie, Shaylie and Sophia
Lauren, Rylie, Shaylie, Kaeli, McKenzie
And there are so many more that we love and miss.  We also really miss the school the kids went to and their teachers.  Rylie still gets letters from her classmates and we both cry when we read them.  Aaron and I also cherish those friendships we made while in Utah.  I've tried to adapt the motto "bloom where you are planted" during this move.  But there are days when it's hard not to focus on what and who we left behind.  I'm sure we'll love Ohio in time, but boy am I homesick for Utah today! 



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