This Thanksgiving was a bit of a whirlwind for us.  I think it was a little crazy of us to have company so close to our move, but we knew it would be so much harder to see family once we were in Ohio so it was worth it.  My brother and his boys came up from California and my parents came down from Idaho.  It was fun to have them.

We had ourselves a little Turkey Bowl:
game on!
coop and sara


photo shoot with a SIX year old!


Oh my sweet Sara!  

This year's photo shoot was taken a few days after her birthday in the backyard of our Utah house.  We had so much fun taking these pictures!  She just has those amazing blue eyes and sweet smile.  

If you don't mind a little bragging from her momma...Sara is super smart, incredible sweet, spunky as ever, the bestest big sis (in the words of Violet), and has the biggest heart!  She truly cares about the happiness of those around her.  Sara loves the color orange, gymnastics, coloring, and reading.  I just love this girl!  




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