My Irish TWINS

Irish Twins = two siblings born within a year or less apart from each other.  

Sam and Kaeli are a year apart...and 3 weeks.  Both born in March.  When they were little they were always very similar in weight, Sam was always just a pound or two ahead of Kaeli.  He was tiny and Kaeli was a chunk :)  So I pushed them around in a double, side by side stroller.  I always got asked if I had twins.  I thought that was silly because one was a toddler and one was a baby, and the difference seemed obvious to me.  I didn't think they'd ever be mistaken for twins again, but ever since we've moved to Ohio they have been!  Both are new middle-schoolers, and now they're the same height!  

Sam turned THIRTEEN this year!  Seriously...a teenager?
He requested apple pie again this year :)  I would much rather make (and eat) a pie than a cake any day!
And Kaeli turned TWELVE!  Which is pretty awesome because she is now in Young Womens!
Sam and Kaeli participated in their first musical, School House Rock.  They had a lot of fun doing it!

I have been so impressed with these two!  As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints they really stand out as "peculiar" in our new home town.  This play was also performed on a Sunday which they both chose not to be in.  They didn't even ask Aaron and I if it would be alright, they made the decision on their own immediately after they heard the second performance would be on a Sunday.  That decision made it so they couldn't have any major roles in the play.  They also stand out in their dress and language.  Middle School is not an easy time to feel different than your peers, so I am so grateful to them for their examples.  They really are STRONG and meant for this time...and this spot!

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